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Annual Plan 2019-20; Quality Report 2018-19; Annual Report 2018-19; Easy Read Annual Report 2018-19; SHSC ConstitutionQuality Improvement and Assurance StrategyService User Engagement Strategy 2016-2021Equality Objectives 2016-2020

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NHS Constitution Guide for Staff


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Annual Report 2017-18; Annual Report 2016-17; Annual Report 2015-16Annual Report 2014-15 ;Easy Read Annual Report 2014-15Annual Report 2013-14Easy Read Annual Report 2013-14Annual Report 2012-13Annual Report 2011-12Annual Report 2010-11Annual Report 2009-10

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Annual Plan 2017-19; Annual Plan 2016-17Annual Plan 2015-16Annual Plan 2014-15Annual Plan 2013-14Annual Plan 2012-13Annual Plan 2011-12

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Quality Report 2018-19; Quality Report 2017-18; Quality Report 2016-17; Quality Report 2015-16Quality Account 2014-15Easy Read Quality Account 2014-15Quality Account 2013-14Easy Read Quality Account 2013-14Quality Account 2012-13Quality Account 2011-12Quality Account 2010-11Quality Account 2009-10

Equality and Human Rights Annual Reports

Equality and Human Rights Report 2015-16Equality and Human Rights Report 2015-16 – Supplementary InformationEquality and Human Rights Report 2014-15Equality and Human Rights Report 2014-15 Supplementary InformationEquality and Human Rights Report 2013-14Equality and Human Rights Report 2013-14 Supplementary InformationSingle Equality Scheme 2009/2012Equality Annual Report 2012-13Equality Annual Report 2012-13 Supplementary Information

Annual Review Summaries

Our Year, Your Trust 2016-17;  Annual Review 2015-16;