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LGBT staff Network Group Core Group membership

Core group membership is aimed at staff who have a commitment to LGB&T equality in employment and service provision and the knowledge and personal experience to provide responses to queries from staff and provide and share relevant information with the rest of the group for distribution. The network aims to have up to six core group members for each Staff network group. The LGB&T Core group chair is Liz Johnson and the coordinator is Julie Edmunds.

Julie Edmunds

Information on Joining the Virtual LGB&T staff network

The virtual network is open to all staff to join. Members will receive regular updates on areas of interest and can post comments or queries to core network members.Please see the staff networkgroup main page for details or if you would like more information please contact Liz or Julie.

LGB&T Network News AUGUST 2012

Sheffield Pride 2012

Pride 2012 1

A group of us staffed a stall at the Sheffield Pride event in Endcliffe Park this summer. As you can see, a great time was had by all! Pride took place on the 2nd of June the sun shone for most of the day and staff from NHS Sheffiled, SHSC and STH all collaborated to present four stalls. Again this was a great opportunity to promote the Time To Change anti stigma campaign and mental wellbeing

LGB Sharing Good practice 2

Stonewall Equality Index

SHSC are completing the Stonewall Equality Index for 2013, the results of this are compared with other organisations and from the results Stonewall identifies the top 100 LGB employers. If you would like more information please contact Liz. the annual Stonewall staff survey is alos currenlty taking place, an e.mail has been sent to all staff about this.

LGB Sharing Good practice

LGB sharing good practice event

In October 2011 as planned the Sharing good Practice event took place , which was opened by Kevin Taylor, the Chief Executive of SHSCT.this was a great event attended by staff of SHSC and STH. Feedback from the event was great and we hope to develop this into a good practice guide for staff during 2012.

Newsletter –  JUNE 2012

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There is a new Stonewall guide “Sexual Orientation: the Equality Act Made Simple” which explains what the law says organisations should do when it comes to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual staff, customers and service users.  It contains practical advice on setting equality objectives. 


Most of you will be aware of the “gay marriage” controversy which has been widely reported in the media.  This is based on the Government’s proposal to extend the right to marry to same sex partners.  Same sex partners who so wish to will have the right to civil marriage, although the Government is not proposing that same sex marriages in religious premises should take place.  The Government consultation closed on 14 June, and legislation is planned before 2015.


At the first NHS Employers Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week, there were a number of speakers on LGBT issues.  Their contributions can be accessed through the link above.


The Open University published a report in February 2012 called “The Bisexuality Report: Bisexual inclusion in LGBT equality and diversity”.  It aims to improve UK policy and practice in relation to bisexual people as part of the wider LGBT equalities agenda.  It can be accessed through the link above.


The April edition of the Government Equalities Office’s LGBT newsletter can be found by following the above link. 


A judge threw out Carina Trimingham’s claim of invasion of privacy and harassment against the Daily Mail in May 2012.  After Chris Huhne announced his marriage was over because he was in a serious relationship with her, the Mail had printed 65 articles in 15 months which referred to Ms Trimingham’s sexuality, describing her as ‘bisexual’ or ‘lesbian’.  Although the judge said “repeated mocking by a national newspaper of a person by reference to that person’s sexual orientation would almost inevitably be so oppressive as to amount to harassment”, he found that Ms Trimingham was not a private figure and her reasonable expectation of privacy had therefore become limited.


In an article called “Diversity: the pink ceiling” in People Management July 2011, Hashi Syedain found that coming out at work is still difficult but the effects of not coming out can also harm career prospects, since being authentic and self-aware are important for leaders.  Participants on the Stonewall leadership programme share experiences of being gay at work and how your experiences have an impact on the way you do your job.  If you would like to read the article, please contact Liz Johnson via email above for a copy.


As part of its “Equalities Red Tape Challenge”, the Government said in May that it intends to consult on removing employer liability for harassment of an employee by a third party, for example a customer.  Case law which has been developed would still be in place.