Staff Network Groups


SN1Seeing and understanding the values and beliefs of our diverse workforce

Hearing and helping staff overcome adversity

Supporting staff to overcome problems encountered in their daily practices

Challenging and changing preconceived perceptions.  Giving staff necessary knowledge and skills to allow them to maintain their diverse lifestyles and encouraging our clients to do the same

There are three Sheffield Health and Social Care staff network groups, these are the:  

SN2There are two parts to each network group, a CORE group and a VIRTUAL group. 

About CORE groups

Each group has a small core group, this minimises a focus on meetings and ad hoc membership.  The expectation is that people who are members of the CORE group will have personal experience so that they can provide general advice, suggestions and information.  Each CORE group will have a chair who is also a member of the group and a coordinator who will attend the group and provide a link to the overall steering group but is not a CORE member.  

Information on becoming a CORE Group member

Each CORE group has its own webpage where you will find contact details for the chair and coordinator for the group you are interested in.

About  VIRTUAL groups

The Virtual groups are open to anyone.  Members will be placed on an annonomised mailing list and will recieve regular updates and information of interest in the particular CORE group area.  Updates will be sent by email and posted on the CORE group web pages.  Where members do not have easy access to email paper copies are possible.  Members can contact the CORE group members if they have queries or concerns and CORE group members will provide confidential information signposting and general advice.  However, this does not replace any existing structures or procedures. 

Joining the VIRTUAL staff network groups

It is possible to join one or all of the Virtual groups, new members are asked to complete a form which can be obtained by emailing team members:

Email Ishrt Raouf

or for general enquiries please contact Liz Johnson or Ian Hall

Email Liz –  or phone on (0114) 2716712

Email Ian – or phone on (0114) 2263277