Research Development Unit

Research Development Unit

HRA Approval is the process for the NHS in England that brings together the assessment of governance and legal compliance, undertaken by dedicated HRA staff, with the independent REC opinion provided through the UK research ethics service.

It replaces the need for local checks of legal compliance and related matters by each participating organisation in England. This allows participating organisations to focus their resources on assessing, arranging and confirming their capacity and capability to deliver the study – see more here.

For further information on the HRA application process, please visit their website.

Research Team
Nicholas Bell – Director of RDU

Dr Michelle Horspool – Senior Research Manager

Wendy Swann – Research Manager

Yiwei Harland – Research Governance Officer

Alison Stubbs – Research Administrator

Delivery Staff – Supporting recruitment to studies within SHSC

Chris Allsopp – Research Nurse

Alex Carey – Clinical Studies Officer

Charlotte Colbeck – Research Nurse

Keith Elliott – Research Nurse

For all research enquiries please contact members of the team at

Current Studies

To see the list of currently recruiting studies, click here

For study summaries, click here

Performance Data

Performance In Initiating Q1 2019-20

Performance In Delivering Q1 2019-20

Previous Performance Returns

2018-19 Q4 Performance In Initiating

2018-19 Q4 Performance in Delivering

2018-19 Q3 Performance In Initiating

2018-19 Q3 Performance in Delivering

2018-19 Q2 Performance In Initiating

2018-19 Q2 Performance In Delivering

2018-19 Q1 Performance In Initiating

2018-19 Q1 Performance In Delivering

2017-18 Q4 Performance In Initiating

2017-18 Q4 Performance In Delivering

2017-18 Q3 Performance In Initiating

2017-18 Q3 Performance In Delivering

2017-18 Q2 Performance in Initiating

2017-18 Q2 Performance in Delivering

2017-18 Q1 Performance in Initiating

2017-18 Q1 Performance in Delivering 
2016-17 Q4 Performance in Initiating

2016-17 Q4 Performance in Delivering

2016-17 Q3 CTP

2016-17 Q2 CTP

2016-17 Q1 Perfomance in Initiating

2016-17 Q1 Performance in Delivering

2015-16 Q4 Performance in Initiating

2015-16 Q4 Performance in Delivering

2015-16 Q3 Performance in Initiating

2015-16 Q3 Performance in Delivering

2015-16 Q1 Performance in Initiating

2015-16 Q1 Performance in Delivering