BME Staff Network Group

The BME Staff Network Group has two parts,  a CORE group and a VIRTUAL group.

The expectation is that people who are members of the CORE group will have personal experience so that they can provide general advice, suggestions and information.

BME Staff Network Group Core Group Membership

Core group membership is aimed at staff who have a commitment to BME equality in employment and service provision. Core group members will have the knowledge and personal experience to provide responses to queries from staff and provide and share relevant information with the group for distribution.

Virtual Group Membership

The Virtual group is open to anyone.  Members will be placed on an annonymised mailing list and will receive regular updates and information of interest.  Updates will be sent by email.  Where members do not have easy access to email paper copies are possible.  Members can contact the CORE group members if they have queries or concerns and CORE group members will provide confidential information signposting and general advice.  However, this does not replace any existing structures or procedures.  New members are asked to complete a form which can be obtained by emailing team members (see details below).

Launch of the BME Staff Network Group

The official launch of the BME Staff Network Group was held on the 24th February 2012 at Fulwood’s Mayfield Suite. The event was well attended with 45 delegates and the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. Although the event was only for half a day it still managed to fit in 6 presentations, a group discussion and a Q&A panel. Attendees were the first people to see some results from the recent online staff survey which saw responses from 440 staff, the presentation is here.

BME Network Information and Links

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BME Staff Network Group Core Membership

BME Core Group Chair Adelaide Mukasa

BME Core Group Coordinator– Phil Jonas

BME Core Group Member – Ishrt Raouf

BME Core Group Member – Shahid Ali

BME Core Group Member – Faten El-Khatib

BME Core Group Member – Sabia Rehman

BME Core Group Member – Natalie Bernard