Drug (Opiates) Service: Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team

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The service is based at the Fitzwilliam Centre but is registered with the Care Quality Commission at Trust Headquarters, Fulwood House.

The Drug (Opiates) Service offers assessment, support and interventions to those aged 18yrs+ using any opiate drug. There are naturally occurring opiates like heroin and morphine and synthetic (man-made) opiates like methadone and buprenorphine.  A range of treatment options are offered once a comprehensive assessment has been completed including substitute prescribing and psycho-social interventions (PSI).

The service also offers a drop-in needle exchange, a specialist wound-care clinic, harm reduction advice and support.

The Drug (Opiates) Service works co-operatively with mental health teams where individuals have co-existing mental illness to provide a comprehensive package of care (CPA) to manage risk in accordance with established risk management policy.

The service eligibility and selection criteria is available here: Drug Opiates Service.

Download our service leaflet: Opiates Service Leaflet.

Operating hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 9-5pm

Wednesday, Thursday: 9-8pm

How is the service accessed?

Individuals can self-refer either by telephoning for an appointment or by drop-in to the Fitzwilliam Centre.  Individuals who self-refer by drop-in will be assessed there and then.  A referral can also be made by any professional such as a GP, social worker, pharmacist or probation worker.

Contact details

Fitzwilliam Centre, 143-145 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, S1 4JP

Tel: (0114) 3050500

Fax: (0114) 3050552

Managers: Adele Rowett and Mike McCrave