Out of Hours Mental Health Services

Please note: this information is for GPs and healthcare professionals only.

A range of additional mental health services are now available to access via the Northern General Hospital SPA Service (Single Point of Access) out of hours.

  • Dementia Rapid Response Team and Functional Intensive Community Service: additional weekend and early evening capacity providing assessment and intervention.
  • Liaison mental health service: primary care facing liaison service available evenings and weekends.
  • Perinatal mental health service: hours extended to cover Wednesday and Thursday (9am - 6pm) and Saturdays (9am – 5pm).

How to Access the services

  • The direct SPA telephone number for Mental Health referrals.
  • From Monday 23 November 2015 all Mental Health referrals requiring an urgent response after 4pm and until 10pm Monday to Friday and from 10am until 6pm Saturday and Sunday (across the age range) are to be directed through the Northern General Hospital SPA service (Single Point of Access). The telephones will be manned by Mental Health workers who will triage all referrals and direct them to the most appropriate team.

At all other times please access Mental Health Services through though the usual routes.

Tel: (0114) 3051460 (select option 1 for Healthcare professionals followed by option 2 for alternative and then option 3 for a new community referral.)

Fax: (0114) 3051461                                                       

For further information please contact Kim Tissington or Graham Bishop.