IAPT Service - Stress Control

What is it? 

Stress control is a course which provides you with proven ways to reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as boost your self-esteem.

The course will provide you with information based on proven ways to manage stress, anxiety and depression. You will be taught how to use the information to help yourself and practice techniques such as relaxation between sessions. It will help you to build your confidence through learning about and practicing positive ways to manage stress. This is a lecture style course delivered by our team through presentations and is not group therapy. You will not be asked to share your experiences or to speak in front of others, just sit back and listen.

When and where? 

All courses are delivered regularly throughout the year, either evening or daytime.

Mondays – 1.30-3.00pm at the Quaker Meeting House, St James St

Tuesdays – 6.30-8.00pm at the Central United Reformed Church, Norfolk Street

Thursdays – evenings at St Mary’s Church, Bramall Lane

How will this help me?

– Give you information to help with managing stress and anxiety.

– Teach you ways to use the learning in your day to day life.

– Build your confidence and self esteem through learning ways to manage your stress.

What happens in each of the sessions?

For best results, try to come to every session so you don’t miss any important information. If you do miss a session, you can catch up with what you’ve missed by coming to that session during the next course. Each session is split into two parts, separated by a short break when refreshments are available.

Session 1: Information about stress

Session 2: Control your body: relaxation, exercise

Session 3: Control your thoughts: learn to think your way out of stress

Session 4: Control your actions: boost self-confidence

Session 5: Control panic

Session 6: Control sleep problems; control your future

They are free and no referral is needed – please see our webpage for session locations, dates and to book a place.