Royal College of Psychiatrists accreditation for Sheffield mental health service

14th March 2019

Our intensive rehabilitation service, which supports people with serious mental health conditions, has received national recognition for their work to aid rehabilitation.

The intensive rehabilitation service at Forest Close, based in Oughtibridge, has been accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP).

The service cares for 30 service users with a number of complex mental health problems, such as psychosis, schizophrenia, or substance misuse. Some of the service users are detained under the Mental Health Act or by the Ministry of Justice.

The accreditation means that Forest Close have successfully met a rigorous set of criteria that demonstrate the quality of care on the ward is up to a high standard.

It means that every service user who comes through Forest Close receives a standardised level of Psychiatric Psychological and Physical health care supported by strong links to local communities and that Forest Close were able to evidence this to accreditors.

Service users are encouraged to develop collaborative care plans with their teams and are encouraged to contribute to all aspects of their care and the direction of the service.

The accreditation is provided by AIMS Rehab, the RCP’s rehabilitation network, which works with services to improve the quality of inpatient rehabilitation wards.

The service at Forest Close is provided by Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, who provide mental health, learning disability, and substance misuse support in the city.

Julie Smalley, the service’s Clinical Nurse Manager, said: “It’s a really great achievement that the team have been accredited by the RCP. It just goes to show the quality work the team do day in, day out for the service users in their care. We’re absolutely thrilled. Everybody in this team works towards the same goal and to be recognised is just fantastic.

“It’s something I’ve done for a long time now. I absolutely love my job and I work with some great people. You see people get better, you see people manage their symptoms and get on with their lives after real difficulties. The resilience of people, the will to get better and the way the service users support each other, it’s really inspiring.”

Service director Richard Bulmer said: “It’s fantastic that the excellent work of our staff has been recognised. Forest Close is an innovative service that always strives to provide the highest quality of care.”