Mental health focus group

14th August 2018

Have you ever used any of our mental health services?

If so, we need your help with a research project that we're working on with the University of Sheffield.

We're exploring how important aspects of service quality and outcomes of mental health care are valued. It's a really important study and the results will help policy makers and clinicians decide how to better allocate the resources they have available.

The aim is to use your feedback to ultimately provide better quality mental health services.

What's involved in the focus group?

The study is called 'Efficiency, Cost and Quality of Mental Health Care Provision' and involves a short focus group that will include two researchers, a research nurse and five to six other people.

The researchers will ask you to discuss a range of topics related to mental health care, for example how long you have to wait to get an appointment.

We are interested to know what you think is important, and whether any other important aspect as missing.

Taking part

The focus group takes place on Thursday 13 September 2018 between 2pm and 3pm in Room 104 at 38 Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 4DT.

If you would like to take part of have any questions about the session take a look at this information sheet.

You can also contact Phil Powell, group facilitator, by emailing or by calling 0114 222 0794.