Help Us Shape Our Future - Strategic Plan Questionnaire

9th September 2016

In July 2016, our Executive Directors agreed to review and refresh the Trust’s current 5 year strategic plan.  The reason for this is that there are significant changes and challenges that we need to respond to as a result of national and local pressures to deliver better quality services in different ways whilst not being guaranteed any additional funding to do this.   In addition, the continued drive to find efficiency savings will continue.

Staff, service users and stakeholders will be aware that the past 5 years have been incredibly challenging – not just for our Trust, but the public sector and the voluntary sector too.  As a result, services have changed a little, quite a lot or are now being delivered by other, non NHS providers. Change will continue and it will continue at great pace to ensure that services remain sustainable for future generations and some of these changes are highlighted overleaf.

This unprecedented range of change and uncertainty make it incredibly difficult to plan for the future.  However, it is crucial that we have a clear direction that we are all heading towards to ensure we can take active steps to achieving that vision for the people of Sheffield.

In order to develop our plan, we would like to involve all staff, service users and stakeholders in a range of ways at the very start of this process in order to understand your views and aspirations of the type of care and support you would like the Trust to deliver in future.  Staff from within the Trust’s Strategic Planning Team will be visiting staff bases and partners to ask for their views on the Trust’s vision and we will be placing feedback boxes in a range of buildings (not just SHSC buildings) to reach out to organisations that we work in partnership with.  To further encourage engagement, we will be using social media through the Trust’s Facebook and Twitter account @shscft using the hashtag #shscfuture and dedicated email address.   Involving staff, service users and stakeholders in this way is a hugely valuable task and we are encouraging as many people as possible to get involved in developing our shared strategic plan for the people of Sheffield.

If you are reading this and would like to provide your views to us by the end of October please do so via or complete this questionnaire  If you would like to discuss further please call the Trust’s Strategic Planning Team -  Helen Mitchell on 07773 5777 726 or Juliet Fidorra on 07973 621 847 or Jason Rowlands on 07966 427 874.