'5-a-day Challenge' promotes healthy eating to staff

12th March 2019

To celebrate National Nutrition and Hydration Week 2019, our Dietitians Team are challenging members of staff to eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day for a week.

The NHS recommends we all eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day, but less than a quarter of us actually manage to hit that target.

So for one whole week, the Challenge asks members of staff to try and implement some healthier habits.

Those who complete the challenge will receive a shout out in internal newsletter Connect as well as a certificate they can put up in their work area to show those around them they are a champion for healthy eating.

Nutrition and Hydration Week is taking place from 11 to 17 March 2019. It is an annual event intended to promote and celebrate healthy eating and drinking.

Libby Johnson, Specialist Mental Health Dietitian, said, “This challenge is a really great way to promote healthy eating at the Trust and get people involved with Nutrition and Hydration Week in a fun and engaging way. Of course, healthy eating doesn't stop here and we're hoping the participants can take away from great new habits after completing the challenge.

"Healthy eating is so important to our health, but many people don't manage to meet the NHS target of five pieces of fruit and veg a day. Eating your 'five a day' can help reduce the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and even some kinds of cancers. That's why we're really excited for participants to learn that it's actually quite easy to meet this target and that anyone can do it with a bit of support."