Helpful Publications

 Sheffield Mental Health Guide

The Sheffield Mental Health Guide is an excellent resource for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties, or for voluntary/paid workers or carers, or anyone else wanting information about mental health services in Sheffield.

Sheffield Dementia Information Pack

The Sheffield Dementia Information Pack is an introduction and guide to the medical, care, support and advice services in Sheffield and to living well for those worried about their worsening memory problems and those with a diagnosis of dementia. It will also be useful for family members and carers of these two groups.

Let’s Talk Directory: A guide to emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people in Sheffield

Just as we need to look after our bodies, we also need to look after our emotional and mental wellbeing. How we feel can change from day to day depending on what is happening in our lives and sometimes we might need a little help.  NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group and Sheffield City Council have launched a guide to emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people in Sheffield.  The Let’s Talk Directory is an online directory which lists the various services available to support children and young people’s mental health in Sheffield. If you’re a young person, a parent or carer or someone who works with young people, this guide will help you find the right advice and support and see what services are available in Sheffield.

NICE Guidance

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) publishes lots of guidance put together by experts, assisted by service users and carers. They also publish guidance specifically for the public, service users and carers.  

Guidance on medicines and self-help

For information about treatments for mental health conditions, medicines and the latest news about medicines visit the Choice and Medication website.

For each medicine there is also detailed information covering what it is; the usual dose; how to take it; how long it might take to work; how long to take it for; is it addictive; how to stop it; side effects and how to manage them; interactions with food, alcohol or other medicines; effects of smoking; driving; starting a family and much more.

Choice and Medication tries to provide information in a way you can apply to your individual situation, so in some sections there is advice about questions that might be useful to ask about your treatment.

Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust have produced a variety of self-help leaflets.  The leaflets cover a range of topics including: Alcohol and You, Anxiety, Controlling Anger, Depression, Depression and Low Mood, Obsessions and Compulsions, Panic, Sleep Problems and Stress.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has also developed some useful information leaflets.

Other helpful publications

Information About Your Health

This easy read guide contains useful information on why we collect information about you and your health and what we do with it.

Confidentiality and Information Sharing

Another easy read guide about what we do with your information.

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities have put together a useful easy read leaflet about what people can expect from the NHS: Good Health Care for All.

What to expect from your NHS hospital

This easy read guide written by the Care Quality Commission is for anyone who needs treatment or care in an NHS hospital.  It explains about the standards for hospital services and how these are checked and what this means for you: What to expect from your NHS hospital.

How to deal with traumatic events

Help is at hand: a resource for people bereaved by suicide and other sudden, traumatic death.  This guide aims firstly to help people who are unexpectedly bereaved in this way.  It also provides information for healthcare and other professionals who come into contact with bereaved people, to assist them in providing help and to suggest how they themselves may find support if they need it.

Help is at hand leaflet

Help is at hand postcard

Help is at hand card

Panic Disorder self-help manual

Panic Disorder Self Help Manual

Sheffield depression – how we can help

Depression Leaflet

Adult ADHD – information and advice

ADHD Leaflet

The Yorkshire & Humber Mind Consortium

Make it Work Poster

Make it Work Leaflet