Carers and Young Carers Rights

Carers and Young Carers now have a number of legal rights which have been extended and brought together under two pieces of legislation

Both of these together with relevant provisions within the Equality Act 2010 are now the key pieces of law relating to carers and young carers.

Young carers for the first time now have a right to a young carer’s assessment and adult carers should now be offered an assessment if they appear to have needs for support.

As a carer you are entitled to an assessment regardless of the amount or type of care you provide, your financial means or your level of need for support. You can have an assessment whether or not the person you care for has had a needs assessment, or if the local authority has decided they are not eligible for support.

The Care Act now places a general duty on the local authority to consider and promote a person’s wellbeing when they are making any decisions about care or support that they may need.

The duty to promote wellbeing underpins the legal rights of carers and young carers and local authorities are now required to assess the impact that providing care is having on a carer’s wellbeing.

If caring is having a significant impact on your wellbeing then the local authority is required to provide appropriate support.

For more information on young carers rights see:  know_your_rights_pack_2015.pdf

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