Wi-Fi - Internet Access for Service Users and Visitors

We are delighted to be able to provide free Wi-Fi in all public areas across all our sites. We are one of the first mental health and social care NHS Trusts to do so. You will need a mobile telephone that is Wi-Fi enabled and that is connected to the 3G or 4G network A wireless enabled mobile device will be required to connect.

To access free Wi-Fi for 24 hours follow these five steps:
1. Connect to the SHSC-Public network using your Wi-Fi enabled mobile and follow the prompts.
2. Accept the Wi-Fi terms and Conditions to proceed.
3. Enter the self-service details requested.
4. When connection has been successful you will automatically be directed to the NHS Digital Post-Authentication page.
5. Filtered Wi-Fi Internet Access is now available for 24 hours after which time you will need to re-register.

Please ask a member of staff for help if you are having difficulty. Download the full User Guide.

Please use your device considerately and note that we do not allow any recording, photos, video or audio, on your electronic device to protect the privacy and dignity of staff and service users alike. Please also ensure that you keep you devices secure at all times. Read the Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions.

If in doubt about whether you can use your electronic device in the area you are in, please ask any member of staff.

Access is available throughout the Trust but will be subject to capacity restraints and Wi-Fi signal availability. At busy times, the speed of the Wi-Fi connection may be reduced or the number of users may become full access becomes limited. If this occurs, please try to access the Wi-Fi service again later.

Access to video streaming sites is limited as this would severely affect the user experience on the Wi-Fi. Access to a number of categories of web sites is also blocked (for example gambling sites).

Separate Wi-Fi arrangements are in place for in-patients on our wards.