Our Response to the Francis Report

We were appalled by the failings in care that took place at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust and also at Winterbourne View.

Our culture is very different from those organisations. We have a legacy of service user involvement throughout the organisation; our staff are skilled, committed and motivated; clinicians and managers share leadership for improving quality and managing resources, and we have a strong reputation for working in partnership.

But we are not complacent. We operate in the same context and are subject to the same external pressures that contributed to the failings in those organisations and these are difficult times. Delivering high quality health and social care is becoming more complex and more challenging. Demand for services is increasing and we are currently operating in an environment of reduced public sector spending. Delivering high quality care in this environment is a challenge we are determined to meet.

We have a culture in which, should poor care take place, it is recognised and reported and so we do know that we have instances when care is not at the standard we would wish for our friends or families. We are therefore keen to learn whatever lessons we can from such instances to improve the quality of what we do.

We have taken this opportunity to revitalise our commitment that the people who use our services are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Response to the Francis Report