“Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust will strive to provide the safest possible health and social care services to the people of Sheffield through a well-trained, motivated and valued workforce that puts patient safety at the heart of everything we do.”

The safe delivery of care and the promotion of health are vital elements in both the philosophy and culture that the Trust and our people embody. Ensuring effective patient safety is an integral part of everyday practice, however, when things do go wrong the Trust is also committed to offering patients and their family candour, openness and transparency as set out in our statutory Duty of Candour and Being Open Policy.

We provide guidance to our staff through our Incident Management Policy and investigate all serious incidents in line with the wider NHS England Serious Incident Framework. The Trust engages with patients and their family as a part of this process and we share our investigation findings, internally and externally, openly and honestly as a part of our commitment to being an organisation that learns from mistakes and shares good practice.

Safety and risk issues are present throughout any organisation, and the management of safety and risk is a key responsibility of every line manager, and the concern of every employee, as set out in our Trust Risk Management Strategy.

Practical ways in which we improve the management of safety include:

  • The commitment of the Trust Board to raising standards.
  • The commitment and involvement of all directors, managers and staff.
  • Ensuring a culture within the organisation where safety is everyone’s business.
  • Providing a structured and focused organisational framework for the active debate of safety issues, engendered through the Service User Safety Group.
  • Learning and sharing lessons when things go wrong.

By implementing a pro-active approach to safety the Trust will identify and manage the risks, train and educate staff, plan for contingencies, monitor incidents, review practice, and therefore be able to effectively improve safety across all of our services.

On behalf of the Trust Board of Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust we will continually seek the co-operation and support of all staff, service users, their family and carers in addressing the pro-active management of safety and safer care in order to achieve consistency across the Trust, and to minimise the opportunity for safety incidents to arise.

Learning from incidents

Our Service User Safety (SUS) Group monitors on-going serious incidents on a monthly basis. Directorate action plans are reviewed monthly on a rolling programme, to monitor the progression of these actions. Action plans are also monitored by individual directorates through their governance structures and the Risk Department, which feeds into the reports received by the SUS Group.

Incident information and trends, including HM Coroners Court incidences, are monitored by directorates through their monthly individual directorate dashboards.

A monthly report on serious incidents and incidents involving HM Coroners Court and Crown Court is monitored by the Executive Directors Group and the SUS Group.

Serious incident performance is monitored by NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group as part of our contractual arrangements, and where appropriate, by NHS England.

Quarterly reports are submitted to the Trust Quality Assurance Committee, aiming to provide sufficient assurance that the Trust has robust incident management systems in place to improve service user safety and promote good practice.

Incident management performance reports