Right First Time

Right First Time Programme – Transforming the way Health and Social Care is delivered

Over the last 18 months, the Right First Time partnership between community health services, local hospitals, GPs and the City Council has resulted in many patients getting more health care provided locally rather than having to go to hospital. It has also improved the social and community healthcare support available to enable people to live independently at home for longer.

The aim is to work together to transform how health and social care is provided so that we can continue to deliver high quality care, a positive experience and value for money despite the challenges of rising demand, an ageing community and the financial climate. Right First Time will focus on physical and mental health and social care needs of the population of Sheffield. The vision of the Programme is to:

Ensure all Sheffield’s residents live longer and healthier lives, and are supported in their local community wherever possible by joined up, high quality, responsive, health and social care services which offer continuity of care, shared decision making, and a lifelong, personalised, preventative approach to health and wellbeing

We will achieve this by adopting a strategy based on delivering: “The right care, at the right time and in the right place.”

What are we doing?

  • GP Practices, Health and Social Care staff will work together in a more co-ordinated way to provide earlier and targeted support to help people stay as healthy and independent as possible;
  • In addition we are developing ways to identify people most at risk of higher health and social care needs in the future so we can support them earlier, this includes developing patient and carer self-confidence to manage their own conditions. The City’s hospitals, mental health services, NHS commissioners of services, GPs, community healthcare professionals and the City Council have come together to create a new partnership called Right First Time;
  • We will also ensure that should an individual’s care needs change, health and social care services will work together to help return them to home and independence as soon as possible. In parts of the country where health and social care staff are already working in integrated multi-disciplinary teams it has made a real difference leading to improved services and fewer people ending up in hospital or in long-term residential care. Finding even more effective ways of working will enable us to direct resources to supporting more people in the future as the number of older people and people with long-term conditions increases.

How are we doing it?

To achieve the vision we will

  • Enhance the integration of Health and Social Care Teams;
  • Develop care planning with more vulnerable people and align services to help those individuals remain as independent as possible;
  • Develop the capacity of intermediate care services in the community to help people stay at home rather than being admitted to hospital unnecessarily;
  •  Ensure there is sufficient capacity in community health and social care services to enable people to be discharged from hospital as soon as they no longer need acute medical care with the appropriate care and support;
  •  Review how urgent care services operate across the city to make accessing them simpler. This will provide a more appropriate option for those people who are not an emergency but who need some form of urgent care/advice. It will also ensure Accident and Emergency departments are kept free to treat the sickest people.

What are the benefits?

  • A better experience for people who use health and social care services, their families and carers;
  • Closer working relationships between Primary Care, Community and Mental Health and Social Care teams and a better understanding of each others roles;
  • Sharing information and reducing duplication of systems and processes will allow staff to target their time where it is needed most;
  • Better value for money.

 How to find out more:

Visit http://www.rightfirsttimesheffield.co.uk/ or call 0845 250 7318 or email: rightcare@sth.nhs.uk