Sheffield Dementia Involvement Group (SHINDIG)

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SHINDIG is a city wide forum that meets 4 times a year and aims to provide opportunities for people living with dementia in Sheffield (and their family carers) to share ideas, views and opinions on local services and developments.

The group is jointly organised by Sheffield Alzheimer’s Society and Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust. Membership is not fixed and SHINDIG is attended by about 18 people with dementia, 12 family carers and 10 staff from voluntary, health, social care and academic organisations in Sheffield.

The group name emerged because of the lively, sociable and fun atmosphere that is created and the logo depicts the commonly heard term of ‘All being in the same boat’.

After a social lunch the group briefly convene as a whole before breaking into smaller groups of: people with dementia; family carers or a mixed group of people with dementia and carers who prefer to work together.  Staff help facilitate and support conversations where necessary, whilst listening and committing to take back learning to their organisation.

Topics to date have included:

  • Experience of GP services;
  • Experiences and tips on living with dementia;
  • Experience of receiving a diagnosis and memory services;
  • Ways people with dementia can influence ‘Dementia Friendly Communities’;
  • Having a go at using iPads and technology to connect and have fun.

More about SHINDIG and how you can get involved


Reports from SHINDIG Topic Groups

SHINDIG Report December 2016 Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance

SHINDIG Report 09 June 2015 Support and Services

SHINDIG Report 09 June 2015 Support and Services – brief summary

SHINDIG Report September 2014 future planning

SHINDIG Report Sept 2013 Memory Service

SHINDIG Report July 2013 Hints and Tips

SHINDIG Report March 2013 feedback GP services

Dementia Patient and Public Involvement in Research

Dementia Patient and Public Involvement in Research Support

SHINDIG Research PPI Request Form

Please feel free to use content from the reports but please make reference to them if you use any content:

Sheffield Dementia Involvement Group (Date) Title of Report Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust / Alzheimer’s Society Sheffield

To find out more please contact:

Jo Wallace – Alzheimer’s Society Sheffield, 0114 2768414; e-mail Jo

Jane McKeown – Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS FT, 0114 2263950; e-mail Jane