Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust (SHSC) believes that service users and carers should be at the heart of their own decision-making, and should have the opportunity to be involved in decisions that will affect their lives. Placing the service user at the heart of the Trust is one of our continuing aims, and SHSC offers all service users, carers and their families the opportunity to be involved in developing services. We have many different ways for you to be involved, including running events, reading panels, recruitment panels, patient safety, developing questionnaires and surveys, training.

SHSC will provide training and support and offer payment and expenses through our Service User Appreciation Scheme.

If you are a service user or carer and would like to be involved with Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, please fill in an application form and return it to Mia at the address below.

Getting Involved Application Form

PPI Information Leaflet

Money for You (Appreciation Scheme)

Money for You (Appreciation Scheme) Claim Form


Contact details

Mia Bajin – Patient and Public Involvement Manager

SHSC, Fulwood House, Old Fulwood Road,

Sheffield S10 3TH

Tel: (0114) 2263367




Involvement Opportunity

Read to Lead

“Get Into Reading is exactly the kind of work we at the Department of Health want to develop over the next ten years – facing outward into the wider community and looking after mental health of the general population.”

Professor Louis Appleby, former NHS Director for Mental Health

Nine staff, including two service users, have recently been trained in Read to Lead.  Get into Reading is The Reader Organisation’s (TRO) pioneering social outreach project that uses literature to maintain and improve mental health and personal wellbeing.  For more information on this please click here, or contact the PPI Manager.

Living Well with Longer-Term Depression – The IQuESTS Project

This documentary explores people’s experiences of living with longer-term depression, and how self-management approaches can empower individuals to take control of their mental well being.  The film also gives a powerful insight into how service-user involvement throughout the IQuESTS Project has helped shape a new approach that better meets the needs of this group.

The IQuESTS Project, funded by the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) CLAHRC (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care), aims to reduce levels of chronic, recurrent and relapsing depression in South Yorkshire through translating results from clinical trials of psychological treatments for depression to routine NHS conditions, improving self-management, and demonstrating a step change in the quality and effectiveness of NHS pscyhological services and therapies.

The fifteen minute film features contributions from members of SUST (Sheffield User Survivor Trainers) and SODIT (Survivors of Depression in Transition) and other people from the mental health community in Sheffield: 

The Creative Arts Support Team (CAST)

The Creative Arts Support Team (CAST) has been in existence since 2009, and wasformed to reflect the active interest members have in influencing the development of the arts within Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust.  The group is made up of service users, Governors, staff, carers, and volunteers. The aim of CAST is to promote art and creative writing within SHSC and its Partner organisations.  Find out more at:

Patient Voices

Nine digital stories have been created by people who have experience of mental health services either as carers or service users. These powerful ‘mini movies’ allow us to walk in the shoes of those who have direct experience of mental health services.

Please click on the link below to access the stories.

Patient Voices

Maureen Skayman – Coming out the other side
Lyn Mansfield – When Services Fail
Jan Carder – A Lost Life
Pam Megson – Becoming the Real Me
Timothy Kirk – My Struggle
Mia Bajin – I love you more
Melania Coleman – Inlets
Ian Porritt – A Clearer Road Ahead
Pep Livingstone – Tell Me Your Story

Expert Patients

If you live with a long-term illness, why not take control by becoming an Expert Patient? The Expert Patients Programme is a self-management course giving people the confidence, skills and knowledge to manage their condition better and be more in control of their lives.

You can also join the Expert Patient Programme and contribute yourself. Expert Patient Programme


Storying Sheffield

Storying Sheffield is an exciting course at the University of Sheffield which is working with Sheffield people who are not students at the University, as well as with undergraduates.  Participation in the project is free.  For more information please click here.

The Participation Toolkit (Scottish Health Council)

The Scottish Health Council’s Participation Toolkit has been developed to support NHS organisations in the delivery of objectives set out in the Participation Standard (2010). It is designed to be a useful resource  to organisations in relation to Patient Focus and Public Involvement.  To download a copy of the toolkit click on the link below.
Participation Toolkit