Our Vision, Values and Strategic Aims

Our Vision

Our vision is for Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust to be recognised nationally as a leading provider of high quality health and social care services and recognised as world class in terms of co-production, safety, improved outcomes, experience and social inclusion.

We will be the first choice for service users, their families and Commissioners. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve people’s health, wellbeing and social inclusion so they can live fulfilled lives in their community. We will achieve this by providing services aligned with primary care that meet people’s health and social care needs, support recovery and improve health and wellbeing. 

Our Strategic Aims

In order to deliver our purpose and vision we have identified five key Strategic Aims:

  1. To continually improve the quality and efficiency of our services in terms of safety, outcomes and service user experience;
  2. To retain, transform and develop services along care pathways, enabling early intervention and meeting people’s needs closer to home;
  3. To recruit, develop, support and retain a skilled, committed and compassionate workforce with effective leadership at every level;
  4. To build and develop partnerships that deliver improvements in quality for the benefit of our communities;
  5. To continue to perform as a financially viable, effective and well governed Organisation.

Our Approach

We are united by our dedication to meet the needs of people who use our services – those we are here to serve. We measure our success as an organisation by the extent to which we do that and we are committed to working with people who use our services and their carers to improve the quality of everything we do. We welcome checks and balances on what we are doing and take seriously our responsibility to account for how things are.

We can only deliver high standards and quality improvements if it involves all of us. We will only achieve what we are capable of if we work together in partnership, with everyone encouraged to think for themselves and share responsibility to bring about improvements in how we work.

We believe in people’s ability to recover and that our role is to work alongside individuals to support them in that journey. We provide recovery oriented services, recognising people’s potential and working with optimism and hope. We aim to intervene early to promote independence and self-reliance and prevent loss of independence and wellbeing.  We provide services to people within the context of their families and communities, providing specialist interventions and connecting up with community resources.

People’s physical, mental and social care needs are interrelated and we are committed to continuing and develop further our range of integrated services aligned with primary care along managed pathways.

We recognise the social determinants of ill health and therefore seek to address social inclusion in all that we do. We are committed to equal access and social justice and to tackling stigma and discrimination.

We recognise our shared humanity. The quality of our relationships and the way we treat each other matter, to both service users and to staff. We recognise the importance of maintaining a compassionate workforce and of treating our staff and each other with the same respect and support with which we expect our staff to treat service users and their families. This requires leadership and leaders who recognise, understand and take a stand for humanity in health care and are concerned with relationships as well as results.

The health and social care system is under considerable pressure, due to increased need and resource constraints. We will work in partnership with the people who use our services to improve quality and reduce inefficiencies by redesigning pathways of care and providing services as close to home as possible. 

Our Values

The values of the Trust form the guiding principles and behaviours for the way we do our work:


  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Partnership
  • Accountability
  • Fairness
  • Ambition