Mobile Working

What is Mobile Working?

The Trust is introducing tablet technology to enable mobile working and other innovations.  Staff are being provided with mobile computers in order to work more efficiently and to improve the quality of care provided.

More information about the mobile working project is available here: Commitment to proceed 

What are the benefits of Mobile Working?

We will use computers like this one.

Mobile Working Tablet

This will give staff more time to spend with service users.

It will also help the Trust save money e.g. on stationery and travel costs.


What is the plan for Mobile Working?

So far these community teams have been given mobile computers:

  • South East Recovery Team (East Glade)
  • South East Access Team (East Glade)
  • South East Home Treatment Team (East Glade)
  • West Access Team (Wardsend Road)
  • West Recovery Team (Wardsend Road)
  • West Home Treatment Team (Wardsend Road)
  • Older Adults Functional Intensive Community Service
  • Dementia Rapid Response and Home Treatment Team
  • Older Adults Community Mental Health Team

These teams will get them soon:

  • Community Learning Disability Teams
  • South West Recovery Team (Argyll House)
  • South West Access Team (Argyll House)
  • South West Home Treatment (Argyll House)
  • North Recovery Team (Northlands)
  • North Access Team (Northlands)
  • North Home Treatment (Northlands)

We expect that all staff who need mobile computers will have them by April 2015.


What does it mean to service users?

When your health or social care worker comes to see you they will have a mobile computer.

Mobile Working Tablet 2

This means they will be able to:

  • Update care plans straight away

Mobile Working Care Plan

  • Look for information on the internet

Mobile Working Google

  • Book your next appointment

Mobile Working Calendar

  • Record your feedback

Mobile Working Feedback

  • Check recent notes

Mobile Working Insight

Will I be required to do anything?

Your health or social care worker may ask to use your internet connection.  They will know how to do this.  This should not cost you anything, but if you are not sure about your internet policy please feel free to say no.