Service User Engagement


It is one of our key ambitions to continuously improve our approach to working with service users and learning from their experience of care.  This ambition applies to the full range of service users we work with and provide services for, including: adults and older people with mental health problems, people with learning disabilities, people with drug and alcohol problems, people living with long term neurological conditions, people who access our primary care and community services, and people who use our wide range of specialist services, such as perinatal mental health services and gender dysphoria services.

Since the establishment of the Service User Engagement Group (SUSEG) in December 2014, we have made significant advances in putting service users’ experiences and views at the heart of service change and staff development.  A number of strands of work have been led by service users and staff from SUSEG which have furthered this agenda and create considerable impact.

Our Service User Engagement Strategy 2016-2021 represents a bold and achievable plan for the next five years, positioning the Trust as a leader in service user engagement among NHS health and social care and mental health Trusts.  Our commitments made within the strategy build on existing work and assets, direct future action in a coherent and planned way which will extend and maximise impact, fostering a culture of excellence in service user engagement in which innovation, flexibility and responsiveness are central.