Compliance Statements

Care Quality Commission

SHSC is fully registered with the Care Quality Commission for all of its regulated activities across all its health and social care locations.  For further information about the Trust’s registration please click here.

To view the Trust’s certificate of registration please click on the link below: CQC Registration Certificate

Bribery Act 2010

Please click on the link below to view a statement from Kevan Taylor, SHSC’s Chief Executive, regarding the Trust response to the Bribery Act 2010.
Chief Executive Statement on the Bribery Act

Eliminating Mixed Sex Accommodation (also known as Delivering Same Sex Accommodation)

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust is pleased to confirm that it is compliant with the Government’s requirement to eliminate mixed-sex accommodation, except when it is in the service user’s overall best interest, or reflects their personal choice.  The Trust has the necessary facilities, resources and culture to ensure that service users who are admitted to its hospitals will only share the room where they sleep with members of the same sex, and same-sex toilets and bathrooms will be close to their bed area.  Sharing with members of the opposite sex will only happen when clinically necessary (for example, where service users need specialist equipment or when service users actively choose to share).

Our reconfiguration of in patient services continues with a completely refurbished Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit opening in November 2015. This will provide significantly improved in-patient environments, which will include separate sleeping areas and facilities.   For those service users who sleep in shared spaces with people of the same sex we will do everything possible to ensure their dignity is respected and they have adequate privacy. Our reconfiguration, once completed, will remove all shared facilities.

If the Trust’s care should fall short of the required standard, this will be reported.

For further information please contact Kim Parker, Senior Nurse, Quality Improvement.  Tel: (0114) 2263306 or email. 

Our Commitment to Your Privacy and Dignity Leaflet

Eliminating Mixed Sex Accommodation EMSA Action Plan 2015-2016


Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, like all Public Sector Organisations, have a legal duty to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm wherever possible.

The Trust achieves this through effective risk assessment, risk management, staff training, supervision processes and working in partnership with other agencies through the use of approved multi-agency procedures to refer and investigate known or suspected individuals as required.

The abuse of children and vulnerable adults can have a devastating and life-long effect on all its victims, including family members and carers and we are committed to preventing and identifying any abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults and work closely with our Local Authority colleagues.

All our staff are trained to recognise the signs of abuse and know how to report any concerns they may have.

At the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust Board of Directors meeting held in July 2015, the Board was asked to note the contents of a Safeguarding Annual Assurance Self Assessment Tool, and is assured that the organisation had consistently worked to achieve the standards required and that all staff have received a basic level of training and awareness in Safeguarding Adults, Safeguarding Children and Domestic Abuse’.

The Board agreed to publish the Summary Declaration of Assurance and this Compliance Statement on the SHSC Website.

Further information about how the Trust supports safeguarding can be obtained by contacting Eva Rix, Lead Nurse for Safeguarding on (0114) 2716126.

Safeguarding Annual Assurance Self Assessment and Compliance Statement 

Infection Control

The Trust undertakes to ensure that it complies with ‘The Health Act 2008: Code of Practice for the Prevention and Control of Health and Adult Social Care on the Prevention and Control of Infections’ and is committed to reducing the risk of acquiring an infection to all individuals either in receipt of our care or through its provision. This is to be achieved through multiple methods, with the aim to provide safe clean care to benefit our service users and the wider health community.

Details of how this is being achieved can be found in the Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report 2013-14 which has been ratified by the Board of Directors.

Further Information can be obtained from Katie Grayson, Senior Nurse – Infection Prevention and Control on (0114) 2716721.