Gender Identity Service

The service is based at the Michael Carlisle Centre but is registered with the Care Quality Commission at Trust Headquarters, Fulwood House.

The service is for patients with concerns about sexual orientation, transgenderism or transsexualism.

Patients may be seeking sex reassignment surgery or simply advice.

The service eligibility and selection criteria is available here: Gender Identity Service.

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Operating hours

Monday 8.15am-5pm

Tuesday to Friday 9am-5pm (no clinics on Wednesday and Thursday; no clinic after 3pm on Friday)

How is the service accessed?

Referrals are accepted from any healthcare professional.  As of 22 February 2016, the longest waiting time for routine referral to initial assessment is 86 weeks.


If you cancel two consecutive appointments, or a number of intermittent appointments, or fail to attend an appointment, we will not offer any further appointments.  This is in order to address our long waiting times and time wasted by unfilled appointments, which could be offered to other patients.

Information for GPs

The NHS England circular on primary care responsibilities in relation to the prescribing and monitoring of hormone therapy for patients undergoing or having undergone Gender Dysphoria treatments is available here.

The guidelines below constitute a collaborative care protocol for patients undergoing gender transition.  These guidelines have been developed following release of a national (UK) standards of care document by a interdisciplinary committee (RCPsychCR181).  These guidelines ensure good care between the tertiary care service for gender dysphoria and patients in primary care.

Trans women collaborative care protocol 

Trans men collaborative care protocol 

Contact details


Gender Identity Service
Michael Carlisle Centre
75 Osborne Road
S11 9BF

Tel: (0114) 2716671

Fax: (0114) 2718693

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Manager: Julie Fitter